5 Top Restaurants in Fairfax, VA

December 24, 2023

Fairfax, previously known as Providence, is known for being a massive food hub and has ranked as the third best place to live in the USA. Given its significance towards food, here are the five best restaurants to eat in Fairfax, Virginia.

1. Bellissimo Restaurant

This currently family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Old Towne Fairfax is a crowd favorite having been open for 20 years. Bellissimo, true to its name, specializes in Nothern Italian cuisine and has garnered consistent positive reviews among tourists and locals alike. Perfect for any occasion, the waiters are known to go the extra mile to make sure you feel taken care of. If you are looking to have a night out that feels posh and fancy, this should do the trick. They serve amazing pasta, so give that a shot if possible. This restaurant truly is "Bellissimo".

2. Artie's

Ask around Fairfax, and this restaurant should pop up in most people's good books, and for a good reason. Artie's deals mainly with American seafood while also offering a plethora of other choices. The entire restaurant has a nautic theme guaranteed to make you feel like a million dollars while enjoying a posh lobster bisque. The restaurant has a rich history dating back 40 years, and the customer reviews speak volumes.

Artie's, while known for its good food, is mainly known for its superb customer service that helps it stand in a class of its own.

3. Meokja Meokja

Korean BBQ, enough said. What it lacks in history, it compensates with the quality of food and unmatched customer service. Given that Fairfax is a food hub, it's not difficult to find restaurants serving K-BBQ. The challenge is to find the right one, and Meokja Meokja ticks all the boxes.

The restaurant draws customers from all parts of the country, and there are usually hour-long waits for their bestsellers. The pork belly is a must-have. Although the food tastes divine, you won't burn a hole in your wallet. Yet another reason why Meokja Meokja is in a league of its own when it comes to K-BBQ.

4. 29 Diner

While lobsters and Korean BBQ might be fine and dandy, there are times when you wish to have some comfortable soul food. Come on down to 29 Diner and have a taste of history. With a rich history making it an entry in the National Register for Iconic Places, it has become famous as one of the go-to places in Fairfax. Whether it's their all-day breakfast plates or their fried chicken and chili fries, there's something to comfort everyone.

The owner's love for smoked meats reflects throughout the restaurant and warms the heart of anyone who walks through their doors.

5. Curry Mantra

No list is complete without an Indian restaurant, and Curry Mantra comes to the rescue this time. While it might be hard to imagine Indian cuisine and Nothern Virginia, this restaurant manages to blend both in the most seamless way possible. True to the tradition, eat some spicy Indian food on banana leaves. The burst of flavor that oozes from every dish, especially the Chicken Chettinad, will keep you coming back for more.

The restaurant has a welcoming ambiance and has pops of color that match the variety of dishes they serve.

Safe to say, a visit to Curry Mantra is almost like being transported to another country altogether.

These aren't the only good restaurants in Fairfax, Virginia. There are many other restaurants with a variety of other cuisines. These are just 5 that we can vouch for after careful curation.

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